Best bryndzove halusky in Bratislava

10 Places to Try Halusky in Bratislava (Slovak Potato Dumplings)

Living in Slovakia for a few years already I could say that there is one type of dish everyone either loves or hates. It is called halušky or English translation – potato dumplings, which looks and tastes a bit like more known gnocchi, but there is one special ingredient that makes halušky so much traditional and unique – it is bryndza or sheep creamy cheese. If you are planning to visit Slovakia I’ve prepared for you the list of places to try best halusky in Bratislava.

When it comes to bryndza, though, I was surprised how different it tastes from what we used to have back in Russia. However, the real sheep cheese plus a good amount of fried bacon on top make halušky a very special dish (and, of course, also make a very specific taste, which not everyone would like).

Ok, Anna, you are for healthy eating, but this doesn’t look very healthy. Well, depends, what you define as healthy. Bryndzove halusky is a pretty heavy dish and I don’t eat it on an everyday basis. But I recommend everyone to give bryndzove halusky a try once you are here because this is the way to feel the real taste of Slovakia.

Food tours in Bratislava

We tried some of the mentioned restaurants during a food tour. What does it mean? One day we decided to eat out for the whole day, starting with breakfast, finishing with dinner. On this food tour, we tried 5 different restaurants with halusky in Bratislava. Yes, you are right, we ate the same food for the whole day to be able to say which restaurant cooks the best bryndzove halusky in Bratislava.

Food tours are actually one of our favorite activities in Bratislava and we tried already several of them, including an Italian food tour and an Asian food tour. So, here are our favorite potato dumpling (bryndzove halusky) places in Bratislava:

1. Slovak Pub restaurant (City Center, Obchodná 62)

This is the most famous Slovak restaurant among foreigners and obviously, by the name, they’ve got all Slovak goods. Last time we’ve been there, to be honest, I wasn’t pleased that much with the taste of bryndzove halusky, plus they are usually super full almost all times. But if you wanna have a traditional atmosphere (they have a very interesting design of each room, which is described in the menu) and also if you want to try more Slovak dishes – you can visit Slovak Pub.

Price (the year of 2019): from 5.9 to 6.2 based on if you wanna put some additional cheeses or sausage.


2. U Sedliaka restaurant (City Center, Obchodná 55)

Just a few meters from Slovak Pub on a famous pedestrian street Obchodná there is one more restaurant where they served bryndzové halušky in Bratislava. I guess they’ve got some struggle since most of the people who want to try halusky are going to Slovak Pub, however, here they also have quite tasty ones. Yet still, I wouldn’t say it is my number 1 choice for halusky in Bratislava, but good by price for a city center, not that crowded as Slovak Pub and a decent portion of bryndzove halusky.

Price: from 5.9 to 6.5


Bryndzove halusky with cheese in Bratislava
Bryndzove halusky with cheese

3. Bratislava Flag Ship Restaurant (City Center, Námestie SNP 8)

You will tell me I am boring, but Bratislava Flag Ship Restaurant is still not that far from Slovak Pub and, moreover, it has the same owner. So once you come to Flag Ship, you will see a quite similar style of menu and atmosphere. But in my opinion here they cook tastier Slovak food and bryndzove halusky.

Price: from 6.9 to 7.5


Bryndzove halusky in Flagship, Bratislava
Bryndzove halusky in Flagship restaurant, Bratislava

4. Ružinovská Klubovňa restaurant (District Ružinov, Herlianska 6)

There is a big franchise of restaurants called Klubovňa in Bratislava, which is located almost in every district. It is something like a pub with a good beer and here you can also feel the Slovak atmosphere. In every Klubovňa, there are Slovak dishes so you will get a chance to try Slovak halušky there, too. 

Price: 6.99


Bryndzove halusky - Ruzinovska klubovna
Bryndzove halusky – Ruzinovska klubovna

5. Dunajský Pivovar (Petržalka, on Danube River, Tyršovo nábrežie)

If you wanna be a bit fancier and combine nice views and cool breeze of the Danube river you can definitely try Dunajsky Pivovar. Halušky here are pretty fresh and tasty, the restaurant itself is made in the shape of a boat and Dunajsky Pivovar is basically standing on a river (just not moving). Plus they also are specializing in making their own types of beer (Pivovar in Slovak means the creator of beer).

Price:  8.5


Bryndzove halusky - pivovar on Danube
Bryndzove halusky – pivovar on Danube

6. Omama Shop Café (A bit farther from the complete city center, Sasinkova 19)

Interesting and not very known restaurant in Bratislava. The interior of Omama Shop Café looks pretty cool, on the walls and everywhere around it has a lot of different old advertising boards, jars, grinders, metal tea or coffee boxes, boxes for cigarettes and cigars, ashtrays, blown bottles. Once they’ve got a nice campaign idea. For one month every day, you could come and combine your own halusky: they had several types of halusky (for example, made from spinach) and you could add different cheeses and other toppings. We were lucky enough to be in Omama Shop Café at that time and their halusky was tasty. But anyway they have also very decent halusky in their normal menu.

Price:  5.9-6 (+they still have there in menu spinach ones)


7. Schoppa restaurant (in front of tower Kamzík on the hill, District Nové Mesto, Kamzíkov vrch 2821)

Made in a peasant very traditional village style, Schoppa restaurant is a very good place to treat yourself with a good portion of halusky in Bratislava after hiking there up (yes, it is upon the hill with the tower called Kamzík). I really liked the design of the restaurant and it felt like all the ingredients of halusky were super fresh, like from some local farm.

Price:  from 8.9 to 9.5


Bryndzove halusky in Schoppa restaurant in Bratislava
Bryndzove halusky in Schoppa restaurant in Bratislava

8. Hostinec U deda (District Ružinov, Zálužická 49)

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Bratislava, based on the interior and taste of Slovak food. When you enter Hostinec u Deda, you will have the impression that you passed through the door for several decades back and you are in the cottage of our grandfather. Also, the halusky and other dishes tastes like your grandma made it with all her love and care. I know, this article is about halusky, but I definitely recommend also to try there one more traditional dish – bryndzové pirohy.

Price:  halusky 4.55, pirohy 5.5


9. Jennyv restaurant (District Rača, Detvianska 20) – for us, the best halusky in Bratislava

Jennyv restaurant has been my favorite for a very long time. Jennyv is pretty far from the city center, yet still, it is not a reason for me to not go there in case I want a really big portion of good-tasting halusky in Bratislava. Some time ago, they had one more type which is called furmanské halusky and it was my total love, but unfortunately, later they took it out from the menu and only usual bryndzové halusky stayed. But without any doubts (in my opinion), Jennyv still offers the best halusky in Bratislava.

Price: 4.6

Website: (they have changed the menu, but so far on the website it stayed old)

10. Homemade bryndzove halusky in Bratislava

Well, without any doubt, the best halusky are the ones which are made with all love in some traditional Slovak family.  In case you are using Couchsurfing (a website for meeting and staying at the place of some locals and share experiences with each other for free) maybe you will get a chance to try some. Or you can check tasting halusky in Bratislava on Airbnb experience. From time to time, I see there some home cooking in Bratislava, which could be a great opportunity to not only try homemade halusky but also know the secret recipe of it. If you want to save some money on accommodation, use my coupon and get a little discount on Airbnb. In case you would like to try cooking it at home, in my article How to cook halusky which your grandma will be jealous of. I describe the best way how, so check it out!

Homemade bryndzove halusky
Homemade bryndzove halusky

Last but not least – we are always happy to host people for a few days in case we are in Bratislava at that time, so don’t hesitate to write me a message before planning your trip and we will definitely make sure that you will try the best halušky in Bratislava!

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