16 Activities to Do in Bratislava in Your Free Time

Came to the capital of Slovakia and don’t know what activities to do in Bratislava? Saw already all the touristic attractions and still want to explore more? or maybe it is raining, but you still want to spend a good time in the capital of Slovakia?

I’ve been living in Bratislava for more than 3 years for now and every time I am trying to find new interesting activities to do in Bratislava. And I am finding more and more of them. So I decided to sum up some places where you can go and activities you can do, in case you are tired of seeing famous sights and you want to have some fun. Some of them are also for rainy weather.

P.s.: none of this place paid me for writing about them 😀 It is purely my honest opinion.

1. Team Up

This is one of my favorite activities in Bratislava! We were there last weekend to celebrate the farewell of my husband’s sister and everyone liked it!

Basically, Team Up is like a Fort Boyard game. You have a team (minimum 2 people, maximum 5, I think optimal is 3-4 people) and you have to finish 24 rooms to win. Each room has it’s own color, several rooms are under one color. There are also final rooms, where you cannot go until you didn’t finish all rooms of one color.

Some rooms are designed for a power challenge (get up on the wall, swing to the other side and etc), some for checking how fast you are and some will find out how good is your logic and thinking process.

You can also organize some party, birthday, team building, etc in Team Up Bratislava. The guys can even prepare some food, drinks, DJ, and much more. More information is on the website of Team Up together with some videos and pictures, so you can check how it looks like.

One hour of a game for 1 person costs 15.9 (prices of 2020). Last time we had 2 hours. It was enough to try all the rooms, but definitely not enough (at least for us) to win all of them.

2. Jump Arena

Jump arena is a great activity for team buildings in Bratislava, but also if you just want to gain some positive energy, have fun with friends and get back to your childhood. Nothing complicated – you buy time and jump on different trampolines as much as you want. There is one “pool” in the Jump Arena (not with water, but with some soft cubes) where you can jump to. Or you can feel yourself like a professional basketball player and threw some balls in the basket.

The price for 1 hour is 9.90 euros. It is necessary to have anti-slip socks, without them you cannot enter the room with the trampolines in Jump Arena. However, if you don’t have such, you can buy there for an additional 2.9 euros. They will stay yours forever (I use them at home now when I train, helps a lot).

3. Paintpeople

Recently I’ve got a new hobby – drawing. Cannot say that I am professional in that. I always thought I draw pretty bad. But these guys at Paintpeople will teach even such person like me how to draw art.

On their website you can find a timetable of painting events. You buy ticket there and come in specified time to a specified place. Usually it is the same bar U Romera. You can choose what painting you want to draw and based on that buy a ticket.

It is amazing, that you don’t need to worry about anything: when you come there, they will already prepare colors, canvas as well as a glass of Prosecco and some snacks in the middle of the break. Everything is included in the price. There will be a teacher, who will draw and explain, plus at least one helper, who will always come to you in case you put a color to the wrong place or don’t know why one eye you drew is bigger than the other.

The results we had with my friend from Van Gogh drawing surprised me a lot.

Price depends on a painting (sometimes it is drawing on a round canvas or with pastel), but it varies from 29-35 euros.

4. Escape rooms in Bratislava

Escape rooms are quite a popular activity for several years, also in Bratislava. The point is very simple – you are in some room (usually more of them) and you need to find the way out. It’s a logical game, where you have to find some clues spread all over the room. In Bratislava there are a lot of such rooms in different parts of the city: for example, one Escape room in Ružinov, this Escape room is in the city center or this one in the old town.

Recently we were in Asylum escape room. It costs 44 euros for the team (maximum 6 people), but sometimes there are coupons on Zlavomat website, where you can buy such escape rooms for cheaper.

5. Boat dinner on Danube

Again, I found this romantic activity in Bratislava on my favorite Zlavomat coupon website as first. Lod.sk company is organizing different boat trips, on one of those we’ve been in summer. It can be just a casual boat trip to some part of the city and back or the whole evening program made for you. A timetable of such programs you can check on the website of Lod.sk.

Basically, during this evening you firstly have dinner, usually, it is buffet tables with different types of salads, main dishes, side dishes, and dessert. It stays during the whole trip, so you can come and take some dishes also later as well. Then the boat goes just a small circle under Bratislava bridges, while some live music is playing inside. It is also manageable to be there in a bad weather – the boat is covered and it’s warm inside. You can be also on the roof outside and check the nice view of Bratislava, but all the food and program is usually inside. So that’s why you can go there even in winter.

It costs around 39-45 euros per person, but again, on Zlavomat sometimes you can find cheaper options.

6. City game in Bratislava old town

If you prefer logical games, but feel a bit claustrophobic in the Escape Room, a company called Brainteaselava apart of the usual escape room has also something called city game. It’s basically a mobile app which you download and the fun can start! For now, they have 2 options: 1 game on the Bratislava castle and the other one in the old town of Bratislava.

There is a story in the app about the lost guy or about saving Bratislava from terrorists. The point of the game is to guess different clues. Each clue is connected with some place in Bratislava, where you should find an answer and the answer will move you to the next clue. As a result of the last clue, you will find something that will be important for solving the game.

The team can be from 2 to 5 people, but 4-5 is the best (also cheapest). The price for the game is 59 euros.

7. Free walking tours

I use this type of activity a lot when I go to some other city or country to get to know new places in a more interesting way! Basically, if you still want to see some new sights or listen to their history and some interesting facts, just check some free walking tour, come to the meeting point and get to it! I’ve been living in Bratislava for 3 years and only a few months ago I tried a simple Old Town free walking tour in Bratislava and I’ve learned so much that I didn’t learn for those 3 years! For those curious of you, definitely a must-try!

Since it is FREE, price is explainable 😀 However, they work on a tip-only-basis, so don’t forget to give something at the end, because some of these guys do just this for living!

8. Wellness in Bratislava

There are plenty of wellnesses in Bratislava. Some of them are in hotels, but you can go there without sleeping in them. Again, check out Zlavomat, it always has some good coupons to try wellness in Bratislava, sometimes even with some dinner or snacks included.

We’ve been to several of them. Some suggest you private wellness when others can be shared. Check SunStudio, Old City Hotel, or 7Spa for Private Wellness and Holiday Inn wellness for a shared pool with some saunas.

For 7Spa if you are 1-4 people you pay 55 euros (od 9-17.00) / 70 euros (od 17-21.00 and weekend), for Holiday Inn you pay 12.5 euros for pool+saunas or 14.5 together with a small gym.

SunStudio wellness Bratislava

9. Bratislava Food tours

From time to time we love to explore Bratislava by its food options. I would say, it is one of our favorite activities in Bratislava. Like that we already had an Italian food tour in Bratislava, an International food tour, and Halusky (Slovak dumplings) food tour in Bratislava. It is easy to make, you don’t need to pay anyone to organize it. Just choose “food topic”, find 5-6 restaurants, and explore all of them in one day! We made it in a way, that we’ve ordered 1 food for 2 of us in more restaurants, so we could try more options. During food tours, we do not eat at home. We eat everything starting with breakfast and ending with dinner, in some restaurant.

10. Top FUN

One more activity in Bratislava to get back to your childhood. I don’t know about you, but I remember those places we used to go, buying coins to play some table hockey or basketball. Top FUN is exactly what it is! But believe me, Top FUN is not just a kid thing!

You buy tokens (1 token costs 0.5euros) and activate games with such token. Usually, for one game you need 2-4 tokens. After each game, you win some amount of papers which after finishing you can exchange for some prize. There are some stupid small things like gum or a toy, but also you can win Play Station there, for example. Of course, you have to be very lucky and good in arcades.

There is also virtual reality. For 10 minutes you pay 5 euros, for 30 – 15 euros, and an hour you can get for 25 euros. For more information, you can check the website of Top FUN.

11. Cooking class at Chefparade

Cooking class is something I’ve never tried yet, but I definitely want to. And I heard from many friends that it’s an amazing experience. Chefparade is a cooking school with plenty of cooking classes. Usually, each one of them lasts for 3-5 hours, where you will learn how to cook several dishes from Indian, French, Spanish, Asian cuisines. Or there are some dessert courses as well.

Prices on the course vary from different factors. I saw most of the courses for 69 (standard) or 89 euros (premium). On website of Chefparade, you can find the current timetable and choose your favorite!

12. Space and Mirror Galery Multium

Space and Mirror Galery Multium is a small museum close to the castle. The museum consists of different mirrors that plays a game with your eyes and make a sort of holograms and illusions. In case you are into illusions and want to take nice pictures, then Multium in Bratislava is probably your choice to go.

The price is 5 euro for the entrance.

13. Čunovo

Čunovo is a part of Bratislava, where you can find a lot of things. If you are keen on water sports, such as rafting, paddleboard, kayaking, water scooters and etc – your way is Areal Divoka Voda. On the website of Areal Divoka Voda, you can find all their activities, including prices for them.

If you are an adventurous person and like some adrenaline – then I recommend checking Action Park. Action Park have a pretty breathtaking rope park, where for 11 (small circle) or 15 euros (big circle) you will be able to overcome around 20 different rope obstacles on 8 or 12 meters height. There are also some other activities in the Action Park – paintball, zorbing, petang, etc.

If you prefer something easy and chill, but a bit creative – then Danubiana museum is you must go. Danubiana museum represents the modern Bratislava and you can find there many interesting art objects from different people. The entrance costs 10 euros.

14. Mačkafé club

For fans of animals, especially of cats, definitely recommend to stop by and get some coffee in Mačkafé. Close to the Bratislava castle, this coffee shop is a home for many homeless cats that the owners have found. It’s interesting, that in their menu except for drink and little snack options you can also find stories of those cats which are living in Mačkafé.

Mackafe bratislava

15. Climbing wall K2

No worries if the weather is bad for climbing the mountains. In Bratislava, you have the alternative – Center Lezecká stena K2 which has climbing walls, and basically anyone can come and try it.

The price for unlimited time is 5.5 euros if you came until 15:00 and 7.9 if you came after 15:00 or during the weekend. There is also the possibility to rent some climbing equipment in K2.

If you don’t feel enough comfortable to try for yourself, there is even a course for beginners for 25 euros, approx. 3 hours. There you will learn how to secure yourself safely before and during the climb, how to use climbing equipment, how to tie a rope, and communicate during climbing. At that price, there is already an entrance and equipment rental included.

16. Bratislava Dog Shelter

The last, but definitely not the least activity to do in Bratislava. I felt so happy when I found out that something like this exists in Bratislava. Sloboda Zvierat dog shelter is every year taking care of more than 2500 animals. You can adopt any of the dog which is currently located in the shelter.

Unfortunately, we don’t have yet our own space to do it. Yet for such people exist another type of help as well as a nice activity in Bratislava – dog walking. If you come to Sloboda Zvierat first time, you will need to register and make a visitor card, which costs a few euros. And then you can take any free dog for walking. As easy as that! Just sometimes you need to be careful with dogs and hold them tight, because some of them are not in a good relationship with others, so they might fight if you won’t prevent it. Usually, when they give you a dog they tell you a bit about its character.

Did I miss some activities to do in Bratislava in your free time? Or maybe you tried some of those I’ve mentioned and have something to tell about? Share in comments!

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