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7 Easy Secrets of Making Cheap Breakfast on the Road

How often did you suffer from spending too much money on trips for food purposes? We all know that eating is our essential need and we cannot skip it. But do we need to eat 24/7 in restaurants? When spending a bit more time and less money could bring us to good options for cheap breakfast on the road. Here are our 7 secrets, which may sound obvious, but would save some coins in your pocket.

1. Take pre-made foods

I know, all the healthy-lifestyle lovers would throw rotten tomatoes on me now. I also don’t like all those powders with unknown ingredients. But when you go on a short trip, it would definitely help you save your budget. Instant oats, muffins in the microwave, but we are big fans of pancakes mix. We buy it before every trip and then add some yogurt and fruits in the place. Still, we are looking at ingredients and buy the best we can find.

It is very easy to make: pour water (or milk), mix it and fry. The only challenge might be conditions of your kitchen, but in 90% cases, we were able to make it. On pictures, you can see how different they can look based on what we were able to find in the kitchen.

Another option is to also make simple pancakes (one of the most popular dishes in Russia, my home country, btw) and pack them with some yogurt and fruits.

2. Eggs are always your friends

It’s definitely not a huge deal to cook some omelette or any other variations of eggs during trips. Usually, in accommodations with kitchens, you can find some oil. In the worst case, you can buy butter in the shop to fry it. Or you can even boil some eggs. Add cheese (the more the better), vegetables for vitamins, some sausage or salami. Here I would leave you space for creativity. It’s easy to play with ingredients based on availability in your shops.

Omelette with cheese and ham in Slovakia

3. . . .as well as bread and pastry

Bread with cream cheese, croissant with yogurt, cookies with fruits. Usually, I don’t eat bread or any pastry, but on trips, I like to try something new. Fresh baked bagel or pretzel, baguette with some toppings – quick and simple. It will definitely bring you energy for long walking. I recommend combining pastry with some proteins and fats to get a balanced breakfast. We prepared this kind of breakfast during our traveling in Slovenia before hiking to a hill called Mala Osojnica and we ate in on the peak of the hill. It was one of the best breakfast places during our trips!

4. Muesli/Granola/Yogurt

As well as the previous point, this is a good option for those, who don’t have a kitchen in your accommodation. If it is a bigger package of muesli – then it will be your breakfast for 2 days, congratulations! If you are not a fan of it, you can simply eat yogurt with some fruit.

5. Combine traditional things bought from local markets

When we were backpacking in the Azores and in Israel, all our breakfasts were full of exotic fruits, cheeses, olives, and pita bread. It was all over the markets, fresh, unusual for us, and tasty. Why not do the same in other places? Check before you go what is traditional for that place and try to find it when you are here! And buy more things from markets – food tastes a lot different than from shops. But of course, check the hygiene of that place first.

Fruits, cheese and bread from local market in Jerusalem

6. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy some local fast food for breakfast

When backpacking in Bosna and Herzegovina, we spent less than 2 euros for a kilo of bureks (traditional pastry with different toppings inside)! In some places, fast food is so cheap (and also tasty), that you don’t need to think about different options. In China, you could find on the streets traditional steamed buns, dim sums, dumplings, pancakes, and many other variations. You can also see many locals buying it every morning.

7. . . . Or even order it from your accommodation!

Depending on places, you can be lucky to get cheap and tasty breakfast options from your Airbnb or hostel. During traveling in Morocco, we’ve tried one of the best breakfasts in our lives for 2.6 euros per person! The hosts were lovely and 2 times we could stand from tables from overeating. If you write to me, I can connect you with this amazing host. It reminded us of Turkish breakfasts, which I was mentioning in my article about how to find the best and cheapest restaurants when traveling. You get msemmen (Moroccan pancake) with cream cheese, eggs, traditional Moroccan bread with different spreads, olives, coffee, and mint tea, which you have to try once you are there. Once, they cooked a special morning Moroccan soup which was unusual but still yummy.

The best breakfast is for sure the Moroccan one

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