We met in 2017 and fall in love not only with each other but also with an idea to travel, moreover to travel full-time in the future. We both had very similar views and style of traveling and already in the second month of our relationship we went on our first small trip to the Czech Republic.

After that, we’ve made mindful backpacking a huge part of our daily routine. Right now we have a goal to travel to at least one new place each month.

Since our first trip in Czech Republic, weve visited together 16 countries in 2 years (last update: April 2020):

Our friends and family still don’t understand how and why we travel so much. Many people still have a mindset that for travel you have to have a lot of time and money. We both have a full-time job in Bratislava and our salaries are just the average. But if you have a dream and a goal, nothing else is important. You don’t need to have a lot of money – nowadays there are a lot of ways to cost cut many things, it depends just on how much you are able to go out of your comfort zone.

“Why do people need to travel?” – you ask me. Why do you need to go out of comfort zone at all? I strongly believe that if everyone would travel (and here I don’t mean just going to the fancy hotels, stay there for few days and maybe have some boring tours which you will not even listen) the way we like to travel (exploring nature and unknown places, talk with strangers and citizens, attend interesting tours which help you understand the situation in that place), we would become much more tolerant and mindful towards people and ourselves. And that can help to solve so many problems. And this is the hidden spirit in mindful and meaningful backpacking and in traveling in general!

People are very unhappy nowadays, a lot of them do not see and meaning in their life. And most of the time they don’t even have a valid reason to be unhappy: the job they don’t really like, the same repetitive routine, arguments with friends and significant others. But when you go to the rural part of India and see how people live there you start valuing things you have.

When I was working as an English teacher in China I saw how different mindsets people have there and it was a super valuable experience to have.

Plus, traveling as a couple can help you to get to know your partner from a completely different perspective. And as more you travel, as better you get to know each other, sometimes in very difficult and unpredictable situations.

So as more you travel as more your reference point is changing and as more you are able to see life from different perspectives. The goal of backpackingspirit.com is to help you make the first step and open yourself to new opportunities. Here you will find proven by a Slavik travel couple (aka Anna and Robo) tips and thoughts about destinations we have been which will help you build on your next trip or maybe at least will inspire you for some new ideas and thoughts.

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Enjoy your reading and contact us in case of any questions or doubts you will have!