As most of the backpackers and travelers out there in the big world, we as a traveling couple also have our bucket list. It is packed with countries and places we want to visit during our lifetime. It is important for us to have some kind of idea of what we want to see in the future. The world is too big to visit all the places existing on our planet during one life so it’s good to choose meaningfully what we want to see and not just go randomly wherever we choose in one moment. Of course, some kind of spontaneity is good to have, too.

Out bucket list of countries and places we plan to visit:

Of course, our bucket list can change in the future 🙂 There is a big chance that we will add new countries to it, but hopefully will not delete any. As time goes on, we will update this page and link the countries to new articles that we have already been in and wrote about them on our blog.

It’s interesting that in our society already almost everybody can travel and it is not just the privilege of rich people. Yet still, not many people are traveling, and even less are backpacking. We feel the responsibility to travel as mindfully and meaningfully as possible and share our experiences from the road so that we can show also others that traveling is teaching us a lot. About the world, about different cultures, about ourselves, about our values, and about our relationship to each other.

If you also have your own travel bucket list, share it with us in the comments 🙂 Social commitment is sometimes helping us to achieve our goals.

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