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5 Italian Restaurants in Bratislava that Will Make You Happy

As you might notice already, I am a big fan of food. For me going to restaurants is also about the experience you get. So sometimes I like to make a fast research and get an improvised food tour. You get tired of the usual food options on lunch menus, so that is the reason why we make thematic trips within a day. And then share with you so next time you have more options to choose from. This time we decided to get into Italian restaurants in Bratislava. Risotto, spaghetti, lasagna, pizza. We all are used to Italian food all around us. So why just not to get an eye on some of the options which will make you (and your stomach) happy?

Disclaimer 1: No one pays me for restaurant reviews. We went to these restaurants on our own wish (and money).

Disclaimer 2: We all know that Italian food got very influenced and sometimes what you have in restaurants is not “real” Italian. I don’t want to get deep in what is real or not. But these restaurants have good taste, different locations, and recommendations of other people. We also tried just several options from the menu, so we cannot guarantee that all the food is good there.

1. Portofino wine bar & pasta ( Petržalka, Rusovská cesta 56)

I confess, that this is the weakest place from today’s list. But, it doesn’t mean that this is a bad one. Inside it looks pretty decent, also the view from big windows is nice. If you come there in the evening for a glass of wine, you will have a good atmosphere.

We were there for breakfast on a holiday, so there was almost nobody. You choose from cold options (e.g. Caprese) and warm (different egg variations and omelet). Also, they have some porridge and muesli. We’ve got one omelet with traditional sausage and eggs benedict. With that, you get a piece of fresh-baked bread. A nice meal to start your day with!

They’ve also got other Italian dishes like pasta, risotto and etc.

Price (the year 2020): For eggs, we paid 3.9 each. It’s an average price for breakfast there (without coffee).


2. Johny Italian Bistro Pizza&Pasta ( City Center, Palisády 699)

After breakfast and a nice walk, we headed to our second destination. It is a small cute hidden restaurant up on the way, close to Bratislava castle. I recommend you to book the table in advance because they have 3 tables there. Probably, during summer they put places also outside. We ordered a special chief risotto with a beefsteak and special cheese. It was, without a doubt, the best risotto I ever ate in my life! Creamy, soft, with special herbs and very good cooked meat.

The staff there was also very friendly and helpful. They have a lot of pizzas and some pasta, the pizza looked decent. We definitely will come back to try it once. You can also order delivery.

Price (the year 2020): They have different offers on risottos so you might not find the same risotto when you come. But, the price is usually between 10-13 euros. The pizza there is between 6 to 10 euros.


Risotto in Johny Italian Bistro Pizza&Pasta restaurant Bratislava
Risotto in Johny Italian Bistro Pizza&Pasta

3. Le Torri Pizza Pasta (Ružinov, Bajkalská 9/A)

Despite the fast, that the previous risotto was tasty, it was also pretty heavy. So by the time we got to the third restaurant, we were not hungry at all. But, a food tour is a food tour, you have to keep eating. This place is famous for its unusual desert – Mascarpone cream with greated chesnuts (gaštanové pyré). We were pretty skeptical about this one, none of us actually liked chesnuts. Yet once we tried it, we understood why it was that much promoted. So even if you don’t like these nuts, you should give this a try. We also got one tiramisu which is worth trying as well.

This place has pizza, pasta, risotto, and other options. We saw several good reviews saying that this place is one of the best Italian restaurants in Bratislava. That said, we will probably come back and try some pizza or pasta later!

Price (the year 2020): For deserts, we paid 4.9 each.


4. U Taliana (Somewhere between City Center and Ružinov, Krížna 39)

We couldn’t make our Italian food tour without visiting this place. Restaurant, created by the Sicilian chef, Andrea Ena became pretty famous these days. You see how this guy takes care of his business. It is a pleasure to check some pictures of the restaurant in social media with his appearance there. He felt in love with Slovakia and decided to move here and open restaurants in Ružomberok and Bratislava.

The place has its own style. It’s usually full, especially during the evening, so for sure call in advance to book a table. It has all the traditionality of Italy. In the end, we went with a classic: tomato soup and spaghetti carbonara. Simple, yet delicious.

Price (the year 2020): soup 3.9, spaghetti 9.5 euros.


5. Basilicò (City Center, Dunajská 25)

This place is a heaven for a big fluffy crusts pizza lovers. When we entered there, we felt like in Italy. On one table was some romantic Italian couple sharing their Margherita. Another one had a big Italian family celebration. The third gathered old friends together. If in an Italian restaurant you find a lot of Italians, it is a good sign. But I might be wrong.

There are few haters of this place because of the huge crust of pizza which sometimes looks like it’s a bit burned. Don’t tell you I didn’t warn you, because maybe you will not like it. I wasn’t a fan of big crusts, because for me they were always very dry. But, this one had a completely different texture. But, on another hand, I didn’t like much calzone pizza we’ve ordered.

You have to choose from pizzas with 2 bases (cream sauce and standard tomato one). They have also some other food, but this place is popular for their authentic pizza.

The same advice works here: call in advance to book a table, since the restaurant is not so big (Don’t worry, they speak Slovak and English as well, not just Italian).

Price (the year 2020): pizza ranges from 6 to 12.

Website: (I just put it here, but it’s all in Italian, so if you don’t speak this language, it’s useless for you. I also didn’t find their menu or any other useful info)

Normal pizza and Calzone pizza in Basilicò Bratislava
Calzone pizza in Basilicò Bratislava

Bonus: Gatto Matto Ristorante (City Center, Panská 427/17)

We didn’t go there during our Italian food trip since we wanted to explore new places. And Gatto Matto has been our must go for a long time already. It has 3 branches: Ristorante, Trattoria, and Bistro. We were just in Ristorante, but I love the food they cook! Always fresh and authentic. Especially I like to come there for the daily menu (first 2 pictures are options I got there). It is different from all you can find in other restaurants in Bratislava. Plus, as a bonus tip for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Last year we were there on 14 and they cooked a special menu (last picture). My favorites there are risottos. As you might notice already.

Price (the year 2020): for the daily menu: soup is usually 0.8-2 euros, main food – 6-9 euros; usual menu: risottos and pasta – 8-12, pizzas – 8-12.5.


I hope this list will be useful if you are new to Bratislava as well as if you live here. Before I was already writing about the best halusky in Bratislava and will keep you updated on more interesting places here. Stay hungry tuned!

PS: Which Italian restaurants in Bratislava are you favorite ones? Share with us in the comment below!

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