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Authentic Chill Day in Morocco: Discover Wonderful Essaouira

Did you know, that many scenes of Game of Thrones were set in Morocco? Moreover, some of them in the so-called “Windy City” of Essaouira? While being there, we realized, that traveling is not only about seeing all the sights. Running from one place to another, taking 1000 pictures of the same objects. It’s a lot about enjoying. So we’ve got one day off from casual walkings and settled in Essaouria region. Here is our approximate timetable of an authentic chill day you can spend in Morocco (well, a bit more, than a day).

Day 0, 13:00 – Arriving in Essaouira

We came here by bus from Marrakesh. As I was mentioning before, the transportation between the cities of Morocco is safe and comfortable (at least it is our opinion). Fastly eating traditional Moroccan soup – harira and some pastry – and we are ready to go further!

Day 0, 14:30 – Walking in Essaouira

It’s a very small, yet cute city to explore. But as I promised a chill day (yet, day 0 didn’t count that much) we were not hurrying. Enjoying the view from ramparts, walking in small streets of the Medina to the souk. Take some time off on the beach. Our main destination for chill was Sidi Kaouki, the village close to Essaouira, so we didn’t spend much time here. But, this city definitely has its own charm. It didn’t seem that chaotic as Marrakesh. It looked more creative, calm and welcoming.

Day 0, 18:30 – Going to Sidi Kaouki

Sidi Kaouki was definitely made for the chill. It’s a favorite place for many surfers. Easy-going, smooth and calm. Trust me, that’s what you need after being a week in dynamic Morocco. Sidi Kaouki is around 40 minutes to a 1-hour ride from Essaouira by the public bus. You take it from the Bab Doukkala, it’s #2 and so far by the end of 2019, it goes at 07.20, 09.10, 11.30, 13.30, 16.00 and 18.30.

We went by the last one, which came to the station already around 18:00. It had a pretty interesting route. It turned a completely different direction from the village first. To the airport. But then it is coming back, so don’t worry. It will take you there. When you plan your way back from Sidi Kaouki to Essaouira count 40 minutes from departure. Once it will arrive at Sidi Kaouki, it will directly go back. Cost – 7 dirhams (0.7 euros). But here don’t expect the most comfortable bus. It’s…usual old bus with a lot of locals.

After arriving, we headed to our accommodation and went to sleep, preparing for the big chill day.

Day 1, 09:00 – Walking around and out of the village

I am that kind of person, who always need life in the place. The same as I like to plan where to go, how to go, when to go. So having a day here was a challenge. I am not a surfer, so this option we took away from the list (even though it’s a very good place for it). It was the end of November, so swimming was also not an option. So we walked around. Saw how people are living there. Went to the same small shop always to buy some snacks or water. Met a guy who told us the best things at that particular moment: “Enjoy what you have right now”. You just stop hurrying for a moment and start seeing happiness in simple things. Ability to be in another country. To walk. To talk. To have your beloved around.

Day 1, 14:00 – Resting on the beach

Even though it wasn’t possible to swim for us, we still enjoyed lying on the sun close to water. Meditating, reading a book, simply talking. Watching the surfers or horse riders. The sunbeds on the beach are paid, but until nobody sees you it is possible to do it for free.

Day 1, 15:00 – Walking along the beach out of the village

As you might guess, after some time we got kicked off from the sunbeds, so we decided to take a long walk along the beach. It was a charming place (and windy as well) and we had a long way until big rocks appeared. Thereafter we saw even more beaches, but we decided to stay and enjoy the moment. We were coming back to the village on the road and met camels.

Day 1, 18:30 – Watching the sunset with a tasty dinner

Our day finished with a good view and a meal. We decided to have dinner at Sidi Kaouki Surf Station. It is a great place, where they can teach you surfing, but also give for rent all the necessities you need for that. Surprisingly for us, they’ve got also a restaurant with a great terrace on top. So we had a perfect sunset view on the ocean with “Moroccan whiskey” (mint tea) and a portion of a good burger. They had interesting food combinations. My burger had avocado sauce, pineapple, and sheep cheese, which was a great decision. In the village, you will find a few more restaurants, but this one looked and tasted most decent.

I want to thank my husband, Robert, for teaching me how to enjoy such kind of days. Simple, without any plans or expectations. This article is one more plan, but the point of it is clear: don’t rush things. The best in traveling is not seeing all the famous attractions and taking nice pictures. It is about little random things happening with you during the trips. It is about the experiences you have. It is about people you meet or random conversations you have.

It is about LIVING it, not CHECKMARKING popular places.

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