How to Make Halusky Which Your Grandma Will Be Jealous Of

Hello, my lovely halušky lovers! As I have been describing in my previous article 10 Best Places to Try Halusky in Bratislava what are halušky (or potato dumplings in English) and why it is always good to have a homemade halušky, we decided to document the process of us cooking it at home. We are not professional chefs but the result we got definitely overcame our expectations. So, take your pens and papers (or basically just save this article on your social media) and prepare for the recipe of halušky which your grandma will be jealous of (probably, your grandma will not even know what are halušky, but never mind).

Ingredients for Slovak dumplings
Ingredients needed for Slovak dumplings

Ingredients you will need for 3 good portions of halusky:

  • 500 g potatoes
  • 250 g fine flour
  • 1 big egg
  • 200 g bryndza (sheep cheese)
  • 250 g sour cream
  • 300 g bacon
  • A bit of spring onion
  • Sault, pepper to taste

Please note, that in different options can be different proportions, just check the consistency of your final dough. 

Step by step of cooking homemade Slovak halusky

  1. Find a boyfriend who will clean and shred the potatoes (I recommend using bigger wholes if you know what I mean).

2. Add an egg to shredded potatoes and start putting flour. Don’t put all in the beginning, the consistency should be neither very dense nor waterish. So if you get your right consistency without using all flour, it is fine.

3. Start boiling water in a big enough pot (put sault to the water as well) and meanwhile cut bacon on small pieces and fry until it is nicely toasty.

4. Now the biggest fun begins! Take an apple and check if it is at least half the size of your boyfriend’s head (kidding, we just found a giant apple in our garden). Take a special grater for making potato dough in the shape of halušky. We used the old, grandma’s one, but there are thousands of new and easier options. Then start shredding potato dough in boiling through the grater. Ask your mom to help you if you don’t manage yourself. Wait until halušky will swim out and take them out from the water.

5. Meanwhile, prepare the sauce for halušky. Very simple: just mix bryndza with sour cream until smooth and you are good to go.

6. Last but not least: mix together the sauce with your halušky and you can already serve it with bacon and spring onion on top. Bon appetit!

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