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10 Best Restaurants in Bratislava to Taste the World

I was surprised to find out, that in Bratislava we have many different cuisines. Since for me, food is part of traveling, the idea to try cultures being in one city sounded pretty romantic. So as per our long lovely tradition, we’ve made a food trip again. This time we’ve chosen international foods. Here I’ve made a list of 10 best international restaurants in Bratislava you can choose from when next time you will want to try something completely new.

1. Vietnam, Phong Nam (Ružinov, Miletičova 5481)

These guys are pretty well-known within Bratislava citizens. Nothing fancy or special. When you enter the restaurant, sometimes you feel weird smells. No possibility to pay by card (at least how it was last time we were there). No official website or Instagram page. No translation of the menu, just some pictures with numbers of the dish on the walls. But huuuge lines for food at lunchtime and almost always some people are eating there.

Why? Because they cook the best Vietnamese food in Slovakia. Because the portions are so huge, that you will not eat for the rest of the day. Because of reasonable prices. Because of the taste.

When our friends came to Slovakia, the first restaurant we went to was this. Just to show them the authentic and delicious part of Bratislava.

P.s.: Definitely recommend to try their classic: Bun Bo Nam Bo. It is basically a soup with noodles, beef meat, and veggies. But there they cook it in that way, that you almost don’t have soup. And have a lot of fillings.

Vietnamese food in restaurant called Phong Nam, Bratislava

2. China, Dynasty (City Center, Landererova 6068/1)

In Bratislava, there are a lot of Chinese restaurants. Most of them are considered as “cheap fast food”. A lot are working on the “all you can eat” option. Dynasty is one of them. But I found the food there tastier than in other places.

They also have many times some vouchers for entrance, so check Zlavomat or ZlavaDna before going there.

From the food, they have a sushi table, a variety of noodles, rice variations. Different types of meat and fish cooked in some sauces or fried in dough. Vegetables, fruits, and some desserts.

Come hungry. I warned you.

3. India, Thali (Several locations, I like the one in the city center, Dunajská 2331/64)

Continuing in the Asian part. I never tried Indian food until I went the first time to this restaurant. And this made me fall in love with it. Later I also tried some bad Indian and also a good one. But Thali definitely stays in my heart.

I love the idea of their buffet: you take a big metal plate and just put whatever food you want on it. Everything is vegetarian. There is usually some soup, Indian bread, few spreads with side dishes (differently cooked rice). Also, you can take some dessert and drink. You pay for the grams your plate has.

There are also happy hours: at 17:30 it is a 50% discount. But check it better on their official website.

Indian vegetarian dish in a restaurant called Thali, Bratislava

4. South Korea, Yum yum (City Center, Obchodná 511/10)

A very authentic place with quite a small menu, yet still hard to choose. All the food looks very yum yum. If you don’t know what to choose, always ask the waitress there. They all are kind and helpful.

Prices for one serving varies from 6.5 to 8 euros. They’ve also got some traditional Korean snacks. And drinks. Even Korean beer or soju (something a bit harder).

5. Spain, Micho Gusto café y tapas (Petržalka, Dudova, 1)

Continue speaking about authentic places. This is a super cozy bar where you can see all the love his owner put to it. He is almost always there, preparing food for you. You can speak with him and he will tell you his stories and love to Spanish culture and cuisine.

The menu is changing, depending on the time of your arrival or day. In the morning they usually have breakfasts. We’ve got a very tasty frittata and a sandwich. But in the evening you can taste some Spanish wine together with some tapas and pintxos.

Typical Spanish food in a restaurant called Micho Gusto, Bratislava

6. Iran, Saffron (Nove Mesto, Fresh Market Rožňavská 1a)

I never knew what is Irani cuisine, so I was curious when I found out about this restaurant. It turned out to be a lot of differently cooked kebab meat with mostly rice as a side dish. And some veggies to that.

Simple sounds, but the taste was pretty awesome. They work in a way, that you choose “type of plate”: with one kebab, two or three. The price depends only on that. Then you put as many things as you wish on the plate until it fits.

7. Peru, Casa Inka (Ružinov, Jégého 12)

If we usually meet a lot of Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese restaurants, Peruvian is not a popular finding. But it was good to see, that we have even this culture present in Bratislava.

Peruvian cuisine is based on meat, so you will find many options there. Check their menu before you come, so you can better prepare. Prices vary from 10 to 13 euros per portion. As usual, you may have the option to try their desserts or drinks.

Peruvian cuisine in a restaurant called Casa Inka in Bratislava

8. Italy, Gatto Matto (More locations, I like City Center, Panská 427/17)

As you might remember from my Italian Restaurants article, I love this place. It is my complete winner so far when it comes to Italian places. Not even once I had there something which I didn’t like.

I strongly recommend you to choose them also for daily menus. For 7-9 euros you will get soup and a main dish. That will not only make you full, but you will definitely stay satisfied with its taste. They always come up with some new dishes, so it’s hard to repeat something on daily menus from them.

And no, they don’t pay me for promotion.

9. Russia, Samovar (Under the castle, Zámocká 6873/16)

We went to this restaurant already before, on our first Valentine’s day. It was very symbolic. In general, they have a lot of Russian food options. Olivje salad, borsch, vareniki (dumplings usually with potato or sweet), golubcy (cabbage rolls), pelmeni (dumplings with meat), bliny (crepes), syrniky (cottage cheese pancakes), okroshka (cold soup with veggies and milk). Even our special drinks: Russian beer, vodka, or kvas (drink from fermented bread). Recommend for people who never tried Russian cuisine.

But, to be honest, it’s too expensive for such portions and taste. I mean, it’s just nothing special for a small plate of salad to cost 6 euros. You can check their full menu here and decide whether you want to try.

Russian dumplings (vareniki with potatoes) in a restaurant called Samovar, Bratislava

10. Greece, Suvlaki (City center, Krížna 8)

Tasty and cheap daily menus for not more than 5 euros. Everything cooked with a huge Greek heart. Guys working there are from Greece and they use the authentic Greek ingredients to make their dishes so delicious.

They’ve got also very tasty gyros with different types of meat in it. And you can get full paying only 3-5 euros there! You can check their menu here.

Whenever I came there, the staff was always friendly and smiling. You can feel how much they are passionate about what they do.

Write in comments what are your favorite cuisines and what international restaurants in Bratislava you know.

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